Sell Your House

Are you looking at alternatives to your current housing?

Maybe your current house is bigger than you need or want to take care of. Maybe it has more steps than you want to navigate every day.

Maybe your looking at housing with no steps, is the size of your current needs, and someone else takes care of the upkeep and any repairs that may be needed.

Are you debating if you should spend the money needed to update or improve your house to make it more comfortable or livable for your current wants or needs?

Have you decided you’d like to find housing where you don’t have to take care of the yard, scoop the snow, or worry about maintaining the exterior of the house any longer?

Have you or are you experiencing an event in your life where you need to make a move to living accommodations that provide some level of assistance such as an assisted living community or nursing home?

Would you like to move but want to make sure you have your current house sold first, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of a vacant house?

Do you need the money out of your current house to be able to purchase a different house that would better accommodate your current needs?

Would you like to sell your house and turn your equity into a monthly income stream?

There are numerous reasons why a homeowner may want to downsize. I created this web site to provide helpful, realistic information of what to expect when selling your house.

If you have been in your house for 15, 20, 30, or more years, its likely you haven’t needed to worry about the challenges that are part of a transaction to sell a house.

I want you to have the information so that you will know the reality of selling your house in today’s market.