"Mr. Souchek-
On my behalf, and that of my sister and our family I wish to express our most heartfelt appreciation for all you have done for us.  From a more than fair offer to 6 months of probate you have been nothing but understanding, compassionate and supportive.
We wish you and your family a joyous, propserous and Happy New Year!"
Mike P.

I wanted to take the time to thank you and your amazing colleagues for making the sale of my parents home an absolutely wonderful experience.  You were clear up front about the process and what we could expect on your end and I can say without any hesitation you went above and beyond our expectations relative to you doig what you said you would do.  The flexibility, patience and understanding you demonstrated while dealing with the unpredictable status of my elderly parents life was exemplary and I cannot thank you enough for understanding my parents personal issues and challenges.  The process was easy, simple and reduced the amount of challenges that are typically associated with a real estate transaction.
Working with your firm and those colleagues that support you was the perfect fit for my family and I would without any hesitation recommend you to others that are interested in selling their home.  I would tell them that they can expect empathy, honesty, integrity, flexibility and a personal touch that is rare but in this case very real!
My parents are incredibly thankful as am I and they are in a much better living situation that they both deserve.
I wish you nothing but continued success in the future.  I have no doubt that you will continue to do so because you have a winning formula!
With much gratitude,”
Ryan W.
“As Gordon and I embark on a new phase in our lives we have Ben & Sierra Group to thank for this blessing.
We have sold three homes and have never been treated with such an informative & caring way as Ben exudes.  He saved us so much grief (going through regular real estate procedures).
Ben’s way & the highway was the best way.”
Gordon & Mrs. H.
“Good afternoon, Ben:
Just a note to thank you and your Sierra Group assistant, …….. for easing the process of selling my home.
Specifically your enterprise has saved me a great deal of time, energy, and the expense of paying the substantial prices of commissions, inspections, repairs, escrow, closing costs, warranties, et cetera.
And – perhaps most importantly – thanks for relieving me of the perpetual on-call status of accommodating an endless parade of maybe seriously interested strangers wandering the rooms and nooks and crannies of the personally enhanced spaces in which my wife and I have lived our private lives for two and a half decades – the relief of a quick, efficient, and reasonable closing was truly a most positive asset.
Thanks again, Ben – I wish you the very best.”
David R.
“To whom it may concern,
I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ben Souchek in helping my father sell his home.
Ben was very professional and his kindness and understanding made everything easier for my father and I.
Thank you very much, Ben”
Mark S.
Thanks to you and your organization for a smooth business transaction.  You made me feel very comfortable.
Thanks again,”
Walt K.
“Mr. Souchek,
It is with a great deal lf peace of mind that I write this note of thanks to the Sierra Group.
While searching for a viable option for my mother’s home, I spoke with you and knew right then I had found my answer.
The flawless process of selling the home, and the guidance provided by you and your team is greatly appreciated.
I just wanted to say thank you for being there as we turn this page in our lives.
Mike P.
“To whom it may concern,
Having sold our house to Ben Souchek, I can honestly say it was the easiest transaction we’ve gone thru in quite some time.  Ben has been up front and has done exactly everything he said he would do.  It’s not often you run across someone these days that does this and is willing to help in any way he can.  Our experience with Ben has been nothing but positive.”
Richard & Nelda T.
“Dear Mr. Souchek:
I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with the service you have provided concerning the purchase of my house in Overland Park, KS.
After many delays on my part you were patient and helpful.  Everything you promised was fulfilled in very short period of time with no hassle at all.  Thanks to you my move was stress free and offered me great peace of mind.
I would highly recommend your company to anyone.
Estelle M.
“The Sierra Group LLC
         Attn: Ben Souchek
Thank you so very much for buying my home so I can move to be closer to my family.  You handled all the things I didn’t understand & answered all my questions.  I would recommend your company to anyone. 
You people are great.
Thank you very much”
Regina R
“Dear Mr. Souchek,
My wife and I wish to express our appreciation to you for your prompt, courteous and efficient service when purchasing our house that we had lived in for 32 plus years.
As you recall, we had recently moved to an apartment so as to no longer need to cope with home and yard maintenance issues.  Had we used the traditional home selling method, we would still have had to deal with those issues, as well as being responsible for repairs, upgrades, and getting the house ready to show to potential buyers, a time-consuming and expensive process, even after we no longer occupied the house.  Your service made it possible for us to side-step these issues, and to have our house sold in a timely manner at a fair price.
We appreciate being able to sell our house to you “as is”, with a flexible departure date, and to leave in thehouse those items that we did not wish to keep.  We especially appreciate being presented with several offers from which we could select the offer that best suited our needs.
You and your associate, were most helpful throughout the entire process.  Our thanks to both of you.
Robert R
"First I want to thank you so much for what you have done for me. 
Second I'm so sorry for the way I left things in the condo.  I had no way of getting rid of some things & so gracious of you doing this.  Because of health issues it was impossible for me to do the down sizing of over 50 years of things - you were God sent.  Your company's plan saved me so much of getting my condo ready to sell - your offer was very fair.
Again Thank you so much for saving so much work & heartache for a 75 yr old woman.
God bless you."
Mary T.
"As you know, the sale of our home of 46 years was a hard decision for (my husband) and me to make even though our health conditions made it necessary.  Our son moved into the house while we made the decision to sell the house in a way that would cause us the least amount of anxiety.
We saw the Sierra Group advertisement in the Kansas City Star and began to feel this would be the best solution for us - not to prolong the waiting time it might take to have it listed and wait for the right home-seeker.
As soon as we met you we felt confidence in you and the Sierra company, as you explained in detail what you could do for us.
Our faith was more than justified.  You explained how you would handle the sale and transfer of title and closing with very little trauma to us, and that is exactly how it was.
We appreciate your courtesy and service to us and we would like to recommend you and the Sierra company to anyone planning to sell their home."
Clara & Eugene C.
"To those considering the Sierra Group:
Upon my father's death, I engaged in all manner of detail in first identifying bank accounts and then closing those accounts to bring the estate to a close.  As I considered options on selling his home, I met with a number of real estate agents and estate sales people.  The range of realtors went from the delightful gal that seemed more interested in listing the home than in finding a price that might sell it, to the fellow that provided a range of horror stories in getting the home to pass inspections.  He was truly interested in selling the  home, as his mom made a very low offer just hours after I first met with him.  The estate sales people were similarly discouraging.
As I contemplated investing time, labor, money, and trips from Texas to Omaha to get the house in shape to sell it, Ben's timely post card arrived in the mail.  What the heck, said I, as I contacted Ben.  He inspected the home and provided me a detailed breakdown of value, costs, and provided me with options in selling the home.  All of his information matched with my own valuations given the detail provided by other realtors.  My siblings and I selected the cash sales option that was at, I feel, a very equitable price.  After some discussion, we closed just a few weeks later and we were able to walk away with a reasonable price and absolutely no headaches or lengthy effort in trying to sell the home.
I recommend Ben Souchek and his organization if you're interested in selling your home at a fair price with minimal hassle in a very timely manner.
Best regards," Jim W.
"I just wanted to let you know that I much appreciate the work you did for me.  The closing on my home was handled quite efficiently, and you were very accommodating both to my needs and to my time schedule.
Your company made the selling process much easier."
Michael W.
"I want to take this time to let you know I appreciate all your help in the selling of my Mother's house.
You were always very business like.  You were easy to talk to & explained how the selling would work.  My phone calls were always returned, if you were not available when I called.  And you always keep in touch and followed thru, with appointments & meetings.
I would recommend you and your "Sierra Group" to others."
Trithena C.
"I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and Thanks for the honest effort that you and your company (The Sierra Group) gave during the process of the purchase and sale of my home this year.
I was very impressed with how easy and quickly you helped me to sell my property Ben and just wanted to thank you for going above and beyond throughout the selling process.
You were very helpful and informative and made this experience very comfortable.
I would be more than willing to refer your services to anyone that is in the market to sell or buy a home.
Thanks again Ben for everything!"
Jeff F.
"The Sierra Group LLC is fantastic!  They have all the right connections to get the paper work done on selling a house.  Those connections saved us a lot of leg work and phone calls on getting the title to our Parent's home switched over to just my Mom's name as my dad had passed away 12 years ago and she never had his name taken off the title.
The transaction was so effortless.  Ben Souchek was so easy to work with and to talk to.  He truly listens to your concerns.  He is not a used car salesman talking a hundred miles an hour.  He hides nothing, no lines to read between.  Truly an honest midwestern gentleman.
We needed to sell the house as is and we needed to sell it quickly to pay off the nursing home bill.  The check was in my hand in no time and had we waited to clean out the entire house, paint it, gut the cabinets and bathroom and remodel we would have lost money.
With no time, no money to fix it up, no help, Ben was an angel in disguise.  I highly recommend the Sierra Group LLC for anyone needing to sell a house quickly."
Virginia G.
Just a note to express my appreciation for the quick and professional sale of my father’s house.  Because my father had a stroke and was subsequently placed in a nursing facility, I needed to sell his house and use the funds for his care.  You and your company were always available to answer questions and provide the information I needed.  We were able to close in two weeks without any difficulty at all.  Thank you again for making this sale as “painless as possible!”
Sharon P.
I wanted to write you this letter so that you can share it with other potential clients.  We were quite distraught over my mother’s house.  It was an older house that was in probate and we just couldn’t take care of her home and our home as well as everything else that was going on in our lives.  This was also the first home we would ever be selling so we were quite green to the process.
When you came to visit us for the first walkthrough, you were very polite and very honest with your answers.  Within 24 hours we had a couple options that we could choose from to sell my mother’s house.  You even offered for the option to leave anything that we couldn’t clear out of the home and you would take care of it.  That was such a relief for our family.
Within about 3 weeks, the paperwork was complete and we signed on the bottom line.  All the utilities were transferred quickly and that part of our lives came to an end.  All of the workers at your office were very patient as well.  They made sure that everything was complete and explained in terms that we could understand.
Although the whole process was bitter sweet, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to guide us through the process and respond to our questions quickly and with such patience.
Thank you again for making this transition easy.  You have certainly been a true asset.”
Shirley and Harry W.
“Dear Ben,
When I first started looking into my parents selling their home in Omaha and moving to Wisconsin it seemed like a daunting task.  They needed to be moved before winter and it was already almost August.  I did my home work on companies such as yours who flip home and you were the only one that I found with a AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau.  I selected you without any previous knowledge of you or the Sierra Group and a local real estate company to interview.
The real estate agent did not do their homework before our meeting and was less than impressive.  You on the other hand came into my parent’s home for the interview and explained everything that they should expect.  All of the communication was in a timely fashion and my parents were able to have a clear understanding from the very beginning of the process.  You were also good about answering my and their questions as the process moved along.
We decided on selling their home for less than we knew the value to be because of the time, energy, and scheduling it would take to make the needed repairs before listing it with a real estate company.  Homes in their neighborhood were staying on the market for 120 days on average and then selling for about 90% of asking price.  Your offer was fair given the repair expense with a fair profit for Sierra Group.  Neither my parents nor I have felt taken advantage of.
Another reason we selected your company is because of the flexibility ou gave my parents for their long distance move to Wisconsin.  We were able to get an auction company in after they vacated the home to clear out their remaining house hold items that weren’t moved.  You were good about communicating with the auction house as to when you could take possession of the property and make the final payment via wire to my parent’s account here in Wisconsin.  Again, everything went smoothly.  By you being flexible about the closing date we were able to make this huge change in their lives with less stress and for that I thank you.
I would recommend family and friends to Sierra Group with no misgivings.  It has been a pleasure working with you and I wish you success in the future.
Tracey L.